How do I complete a Hard Level?

Here are some tips to help you with Hard Levels:

- Look for 2x2 matches if you don’t see any good moves. These will randomly change a Candy into a special Line Candy, capable of blasting through an entire line of Candies and giving you new options to complete the level!

- Work from the bottom of the level towards the top. This means more Candies at the top are falling into place, increasing the chances of making more matches with a single move!

- Continually keep an eye on what’s still required for the potion, your tactics may need to change when you complete one of the requirements!

- Remember that if you’re really stuck, you can go back and 3 Star previous levels to get ingredients. These can be used to craft Wand Boosts to help you out!

- Crafty Candy is better enjoyed with friends! Make sure to invite your Facebook friends and you can benefit from gifting each other lives!

- As tempting as it is, don’t always use Special Candies immediately. Keep an eye out for when they’ll be most useful, such as when they’re pointed at that tricky, hard to reach board tile or when they’re next to another Special Candy!

- Don’t forget to come back every day for the Spinner! These can include Coins or even unlimited Lives and may be just what you need for that added help in the tougher levels.

- Keep an eye out for large matches! Matches of four or more Candies can create Special Candies, each of which can create Candy explosions, clear entire lines of Candy or even instantly match all the Candy of one color at the same time!

- Combine Special Candies! Any two Special Candies can be combined with each other for fantastic results, including bigger explosions, changing all the Candies to the same color or completely clearing the board in one go!

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